About us

The origins of the Andrey Makarov & Alexander Tobak law firm date back to the age of perestroika. The progenitor firm, Informpravo, founded in 1988, was the first joint venture between Soviet lawyers and renowned international law firms.

In June of 2003, after the Federal Law, “On Lawyer’s Activities and Advocacy in the Russian Federation”, was passed the firm became known by its current name: Makarov & Tobak.

Since its inception Makarov & Tobak has built a team of lawyers, which unites academics and practicing lawyers. Together these law experts have unmatched experience gained from years of successful work as civil servants in government, legislative and judicial bodies, government export and import corporations, and law enforcement agencies.

All of our lawyers have received top training from the best universities in Russia. Many of our lawyers hold academic titles and have experience working with companies around the globe.

The Makarov & Tobak firm has cooperated with leading international law firms, and has provided clients with legal assistance in arranging complicated international transactions.

We have maintained strong partnerships with top law firms in the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. This transnational experience enables us to provide in-depth advice for both foreign and Russian companies, as well as individuals in Russia and abroad.

Our lawyers have a significant expertise in handling matters in more than half of the regions of Russia, from European Kaliningrad to Far Eastern Kamchatka.

Wherever we are, and whoever we represent three major principles remain crucial:

These principles are clearly stated in contracts with all of our partners.

Makarov & Tobak is able to give you global expertise and the intellectual potential of Russia’s brightest lawyers. Together we will find the most effective solutions for you and your business.